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A night to remember- Every Night. Welcome to “201 Live”!

Our Story

Imagine entering a venue and feeling completely at ease about being in the company of others (-post “2020”) You walk in, and wholly breathe in the atmosphere, getting lost in the sounds of nostalgic tunes beckoning you to the main room. You are greeted by your host for the evening, and escorted to your safe space, where you and your party join the show. The air in the room is light and fresh- rightly so, as the state of the art purification system works its magic to filter out all unwanted guests. The lights work in tandem, with each song, creating undeniable vibes. After all, the house band is comprised of world-renowned artists. -No wonder this show is unlike any our city has ever seen. The menu is both familiar and innovative, featuring comfort foods with a metropolitan twist. A night to remember- Every Night. Welcome to “201 Live”!


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